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shrek and the princess

so far i think that the first anwers is the best


shrek and the princess

Once upon a time thereĀ  was a ogre who lived in a swamp. He care about himself. Well one day he was on a walk through the woods and he seen a donkey in a cage shrek felt bad so he snuck over to the cage hiding from the guards so donkey was saying get me out from here and shriek got donkey out while he was out shrek started to walk and donkey fallowed him the whole way home and donkey was talking the whole way and shrek started to get mad and said be quiet donkey and while shrek and donkey and donkey got back to the swamp there was people there and other kinds of species there and the was a piece of paper there and it said meat the king at his kingdom if you want them to live in your swamp.So donkey and shrek went on a journey to the kingdom.While he got to the kingdom the king said i have a mission for you. shrek said what kinda of mission the king said to save the princess.Shrek went to the castle to save the princess and he did but after he came back the princess wanted to marrie shrek and go back to the swamp and they did and lived happy ever after.

favorite show

So far i think that everbody likes south park a hole lot.In my ipoinon i think that south park is the coolest out of all those shows.So i saw vote for south park.

A long time ago

I played baseball and basket ball along time ago but i stopped playing for some reason.

The little cousin

What makes you think i took the cookies.I was seating here the hole time playing my video games.So why did you have to ask do i look like i would steal a cookie or two i dont think so.You can even count the cookies in the cookie jar although iĀ  seen a person running away with a cookie.

The little cousin!


I like to ride motocycles because you can ride with famliey and friends.Its fun because you can go fast and jump far and high.